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Be Creative with Your Design

By On November 27, 2017 No Comments

If you are considering remodelling your home or simply adding an extension to your property, it is always important to be creative. Some of our clients struggle with their vision and it is therefore really important that time is invested into the design. We are therefore able to help with some key ideas that will really make the most of your additional space.

Creative design for your home will likely ensure that your new space can be used to the best of its ability. Can you squeeze more storage into the space? Could it be re-designed to make sure that you can fit everything into it?

Home Remodelling CheshireSometimes a vision can cloud your judgement. When considering your extension design make sure that you are open minded. Being closed to new ideas and advice may mean that your end design does not provide you with the space that you need. After heavily investing in the project, it is important that you are absolutely ecstatic with every element of the job.

What does being creative mean?

We are not all necessarily blessed with the largest of spaces. Therefore, it is important that elements such as storage and seating are carefully considered. Could you fit storage under stairs? Does your new space have a bay window that could be used for additional seating or storage? Some of the most brilliant designs go through a process of reconsideration and re-design.

Flexibility is a hugely positive element of this process. It is amazing how a space, even a simple square, can be designed to offer a quirky and characteristic environment, once finished.

Have you been considering an extension or remodelling for your home? Would you like to discuss your ideas and get an idea of project costs? Call us today on 01606 40565; we will work hard to support you through all aspects of your building project.

Finding the Best Local Builder

By On October 12, 2017 No Comments

The popularity of home extensions and refurbishments is growing in their momentum. This provision is an opportunity to maximise a property’s living space whilst avoiding some of the associated costs of moving homes. What are these?

  • Selling fees
  • Buying fees
  • Stamp duty
  • Removal company costs

We have discussed these costs many times before but they are funds that can be written off. Any money put into a home extension or home refurbishment project is considered to be an asset. It will work to add value to your property so is in no way lost money.

We have put together the following infographic that discusses the elements that should be considered when selecting your local builder. Time invested in this part of the process will mean that you are well-supported throughout the process. The standards of finish will be higher and you will put yourself in a position for a positive experience with a time-served builder such as Simon Hindley Building Contractors.

Did You Know?

Two of the main areas that people are looking to extend are their kitchens and bathrooms. Both of these spaces are pivotal to a happy home environment. Development of these will have the most impact on your family so it is essential you find the right builder for you.

Communication is Key:

Communication is incredibly important as you will need someone who is able to interpret your plans and ideas and bring them to life. Ideas, adaptations and suggestions may be needed throughout the process so positive communication vital.

Certain jobs may require the services of specific trades-persons e.g. plumbers, electricians, painters etc – we work with a team of professionals to ensure the smooth running of your refurbishment and will oversee the project management of the whole job.

If you would like to discuss a building project you are considering call Simon Hindley Building Contractors, builders for Cheshire on 01606 40565.

Oak Porch Northwich

By On August 20, 2017 No Comments

Are you looking for a way in which you can transform the look of your home? Are you looking for a rustic design or to add character to the frontage of your property?

Oak Porch Northwich Oak Porch CheshireOak porches in their design are vast. They range from simpler designs to more complex ones. Why are they a smart idea? They effectively build a boundary from the inside of your home to the outside space.

We were asked to build this Oak porch in Northwich. The owner wanted a design that would add true character to a home that they were redeveloping.

We were able to offer reassurance in relation to our experience in the trade to offer the finest finishes. This is of the utmost importance to us.

Oak Porches CheshireOak Porches NorthwichThe oak porch design was tailored and adapted to the individual needs of our client. Design elements such as curved braces and embellishments really made the difference to this project. Bespoke oak porches are simply spectacular and this job certainly provided evidence of that.

The project progressed well and it was easy to see how much this design was going to transform this building. It is often very challenging to come up with ideas on how you can change the outward appearance of your property.

Oak porch designs Northwich Oak porch designs CheshireMany of our clients go down the route of extensions which may, to some people, be out of their financial reach. There are other alternatives available. If you wish to discuss these at any point we would welcome your enquiry.

Therefore, such porches offer an alternative that still offer a practical and aesthetic solution. There really is no greater or grander entrance for your home!


Bespoke Oak Porch CheshireWe only source the highest-grade quality oak which offers many benefits which include:

  • A longer lasting product
  • The confidence that it is resistant against insect and fungal issues
  • Confidence in a structurally sound design

The end product was incredible and our client was exceptionally pleased. If you are looking for help with your home improvement project then please contact us today on 01606 40565.

We offer a turn-key solution to all types of building services.

The Key to A Building Project

By On July 18, 2017 No Comments

There are so many elements to a building project that it is sometimes easy to get bogged down by the sheer amount. The key to it all is careful planning. Time take throughout the process will inevitably give you a superior finish.

This sounds easy and it really can be with our help. It is our role to offer information and advice on your extension or building works. It is likely that we can offer advice on elements of the process you may not have considered or thought about.

Planning can be broken down into many different elements as each step will require planning in some way. Whether it is design, foundations, finish selection or planning with your local council.

Building contractors NorthwichMany home extensions or building projects come from a requirement; whether it is for additional space or a redesign. It is usually at this point that many people feel daunted and don’t dare take the process further because it feels like such a minefield.

Our advice? To request our help and to get in contact. From this point, we will be able to view your property and offer valuable advice on how best to proceed. There may be valid limitations to the project or there may be ways in which you can maximise your proposed space. Either way it is our duty to take the pressure and strain out of the process in or provision of a turn-key solution.

We are passionate about our clients and the delivery of a finish that is of the highest standards. We complete a large range of work in Cheshire and would be happy to discuss any of these with you.

Are you considering building an extension? Are you looking to get proposed plans and prices together? Look no further and call Simon Hindley Building Contractors today on 01606 40565.

Building Services – Your Guide to Foundations

By On June 14, 2017 No Comments

Are you considering a building project? Have you got questions about foundations? It is that if you are planning on building an extension or in fact a dwelling that you will be looking for detailed advice on how to plan your foundations.

There is a host of information and detail that you will need to know and it is always a top priority to seek the assistance of a foundation specialist. This will help to successfully plan your project. Careful consideration, execution and support will lead to a superior finish. This video has been put together in order to offer you valuable advice and support:

Just because your foundations may be invisible once the project is complete, careful consideration and planning will leave you assured that you have done your best. Your building project will stand proudly and stand the test of time.

We are time-served building contractors and have advanced knowledge of foundations and the necessary information to carefully plan the best solution for any building project. It is likely that if you start to research foundations that you will be left feeling confused and uncertain about how best to move forward with your plans.

This is part of the reason as to why our services are both cost-effective and valuable to our clients. If foundations are not planned correctly or if the wrong type is selected then there can be major ramifications further down the line. Small issues can be sorted along the way, but major problems may result in the building having to be destroyed. Getting the foundations right really is that important!

Are you considering a building project? We would welcome the opportunity to be part of this and to guide you through the process with our professional approach and vision. Please feel free to make contact with us by calling 01606 40565 or e-mailing [email protected]. Pride in our work and attention to details have earned us an enviable local reputation. Call today!

Open Plan Living Nantwich

By On May 17, 2017 No Comments

Many of us are aware of the popularity of open plan living at the moment. It allows for our busy families to continue their daily routines but feel as though they are still together. It allows for a feeling closeness whilst offering functional and aesthetic advantages.

Open Plan Living CheshireOpen living is inviting and offers benefits when entertaining or using the room for social reasons. Light flows through the space and can offer the feel of grandeur.

Our top tip when considering opening up a space in your home is to seek advice in which walls are load-bearing and which are not.

This may start to dictate your plans when on a budget. But it is likely that we will be able to help a cost-effective solution that will ensure your individual requirements are met.

You will have a vision when you start and it is important that your chosen Builder is able to help and support just that.

Structural Works CheshireAfter all; it is you that needs to live and function in the space so it is important that it is tailored to your family. What works for one family may not for another. There may be elements that you have to compromise on but it is imperative that you achieve your objectives with your home improvement project.

We recently completed this structural works in Nantwich, Cheshire. Our client was looking to extend their home to create an open kitchen and dining area. Our clients experience in dealing with us is of high priority for us. With building projects such as this one, we will offer information and advice to benefit the end result.

Are you planning on building an extension? Are you looking for a no obligation quotation or help with your survey plans?

Contact Simon Hindley Building Contractors today on 01606 40565 or 07894215123 and we will be happy to help. Turn your vision into reality for your beautiful home!

Building Successful Foundations

By On March 28, 2017 No Comments

When you are discussing foundations, you are speaking about an element of the building that will never be seen. Once the property has been completed, the foundations are invisible.

When considering a plan for your foundations, a vital part of this is being well prepared. Any particular foundation will be dug to fit in line with a predetermined plan. If not completed in the appropriate way then there can be major ramifications further down the line. It is always best to approach the job with caution and make sure that absolutely everything has been considered prior to any work commencing.

What would happen if the foundations were not laid correctly? There are varying problems that can be caused by incorrect foundations. Some of these issues can be resolved but in the most severe case; the property my need to be demolished as a result. It is that serious!

What should be considered? All load bearing walls and widths of trenches should be considered. The depths of the excavation may sometimes need to be altered whilst the process is being completed.

Building Foundations CheshireWhy is this? This is because the foundations need to be built on good bearing or solid ground. This really can only be identified once the ground is opened up. This explains why some plans may appear to be over cautious.

Moving on from this there are different types of foundations. These types include:

  • Simple foundations
  • Engineered foundations
  • Piled foundations
  • Raft foundations

As the above information highlights, foundations can be relatively complex. We, as skilled builders have great experience and knowledge of this. Are you looking for a foundation specialist? We would invite you to call us on 01606 40565.

When considering a building project it is vitally important that you have confidence in your chosen Company. This comes from in-depth conversations and the way in which they approach your particular project. We use every opportunity to build our client’s trust and will take the time to discuss all aspects of the job until our clients are satisfied they have selected the best Company for their building work.

New Year New Home

By On January 18, 2017 No Comments

It is likely that in the last few weeks that you have heard the term ‘New Year’ followed by many resolutions. Why not.. New Year New Home?

Building works are going on everywhere at the moment and this pays testament to our ability to withstand challenging recent times. It also shows that we are now getting to a point where people are updating their now to match their changing requirements.

House Remodelling CheshireIt may be that you are looking for an extension or a redesign for your home. Whether traditional or modern there are so many options available to update both the exterior of your home and the interior design.

It may be that you are struggling with your vision of what the end product would look like. We can help! You will likely have considered how you want the space to flow or what the end design should look like but you are unsure of how to get there.

  • What walls are structural?
  • Could you open up two rooms to create a large living space and kitchen?
  • What is the process for applying for an extension?
  • Are there ways of adding to the space we have in a cost-effective way?

All of these are questions that we are asked regularly. It is our job to support you through the process of extending or remodelling your home. We offer a turn-key solution which means that from the point of enquiry to completion and beyond that you are offered advice and support.

You are not faced with the challenge of coordinating all tradesmen. You will have one point of enquiry and we will ensure to offer open and effective communication in relation to your building works.

If you have any questions, whatever stage of the process that you are at please feel free to contact us. We will offer valuable information and supportive advice. Call today on 01606 40565.

Adding Value to Your Home

By On December 12, 2016 No Comments

Building contractors get the opportunity to identify trends within the housing market. There was once the thought that you could buy a house, wait for its value to increase and sell it. This would then allow you to move up to the next price bracket. Unfortunately for today’s buyers, this concept is no longer applicable.

Luckily for home owners there are other ways in which you can look to add value to your home. This demands a more active role but a determined approach will ensure that you achieve extra value. More and more people are looking for homes that are completed and satisfy their family’s growing requirements. So how is this managed?

Adding Value to your home Cheshire Consider a loft conversion

This may be seen as one of the simplest ways of adding value onto your home. It is a straightforward way of achieving an additional bedroom and / or bathroom. There will not be a lot of disruption during the process. The key is to ensure that access to the new space is easy.

Build an extension

This building method is extremely popular, however, the critical element is to ensure that the added space fits seamlessly to your existing structure. There are many ways in which this idea can be tailored to suit your budget so it well-worth consideration.

Turn your garage into additional living space

Extending your home CheshireIt is likely that any garage is filled with not-needed and unnecessary items. Take the time to clear it out and seriously consider turning this space into an area that can be lived in.

Look to create space

People are now looking for open family spaces. It may be that you need to consider taking down some walls in order to complete this. However, once done will likely leave you with an incredibly modern and multi-functional space.

If you are considering building an extension or want to discuss other ways of adding value to your home please feel free to call our helpful staff on 01606 40565.

Tips for Planning an Extension Cheshire

By On September 26, 2016 No Comments

Through our line of work we have come across a range of clientele that require different levels of support throughout the building process. Some may appear to be less interested in the planning stages of building, some need to know every detail and some are in the middle.

The thing that we have come to realise is that there is no specific way in which you should be when approaching an extension. The fact is that you need to be as informed as you feel you need to be. That is why our service is tailored to our individual clients.

We have been in business a long time and have always used the ethos that we want to improve the standards of the building trade. Gone should be the days where individuals feel daunted about employing the best, local builder.

Unfortunately this is not the case; however, our clients are made to feel as though their views, concerns and thoughts are listened to and considered throughout the process. We are expert builders and we also have a focus on customer care.

We take care of our clients and their homes. It is our aim to ensure the smooth-running of the process and to achieve as little disruption as possible. Planning an extension obviously means a certain level of chaos, however, we always take great pride in reducing this where possible so that the building process can happen in a positive way.

We have put together the above video to offer advice and tips when planning a home extension. We hope that it provides an insight into the considerations that you may need. Our friendly staff are always available to discuss your options; call today on 01606 40565 to find out more information.

We will always be on hand to answer questions and will make sure that you are kept informed leading up to the building process, throughout the scheduled works and beyond completion.