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The Key to A Building Project

By On July 18, 2017 No Comments

There are so many elements to a building project that it is sometimes easy to get bogged down by the sheer amount. The key to it all is careful planning. Time take throughout the process will inevitably give you a superior finish.

This sounds easy and it really can be with our help. It is our role to offer information and advice on your extension or building works. It is likely that we can offer advice on elements of the process you may not have considered or thought about.

Planning can be broken down into many different elements as each step will require planning in some way. Whether it is design, foundations, finish selection or planning with your local council.

Building contractors NorthwichMany home extensions or building projects come from a requirement; whether it is for additional space or a redesign. It is usually at this point that many people feel daunted and don’t dare take the process further because it feels like such a minefield.

Our advice? To request our help and to get in contact. From this point, we will be able to view your property and offer valuable advice on how best to proceed. There may be valid limitations to the project or there may be ways in which you can maximise your proposed space. Either way it is our duty to take the pressure and strain out of the process in or provision of a turn-key solution.

We are passionate about our clients and the delivery of a finish that is of the highest standards. We complete a large range of work in Cheshire and would be happy to discuss any of these with you.

Are you considering building an extension? Are you looking to get proposed plans and prices together? Look no further and call Simon Hindley Building Contractors today on 01606 40565.

Building Successful Foundations

By On March 28, 2017 No Comments

When you are discussing foundations, you are speaking about an element of the building that will never be seen. Once the property has been completed, the foundations are invisible.

When considering a plan for your foundations, a vital part of this is being well prepared. Any particular foundation will be dug to fit in line with a predetermined plan. If not completed in the appropriate way then there can be major ramifications further down the line. It is always best to approach the job with caution and make sure that absolutely everything has been considered prior to any work commencing.

What would happen if the foundations were not laid correctly? There are varying problems that can be caused by incorrect foundations. Some of these issues can be resolved but in the most severe case; the property my need to be demolished as a result. It is that serious!

What should be considered? All load bearing walls and widths of trenches should be considered. The depths of the excavation may sometimes need to be altered whilst the process is being completed.

Building Foundations CheshireWhy is this? This is because the foundations need to be built on good bearing or solid ground. This really can only be identified once the ground is opened up. This explains why some plans may appear to be over cautious.

Moving on from this there are different types of foundations. These types include:

  • Simple foundations
  • Engineered foundations
  • Piled foundations
  • Raft foundations

As the above information highlights, foundations can be relatively complex. We, as skilled builders have great experience and knowledge of this. Are you looking for a foundation specialist? We would invite you to call us on 01606 40565.

When considering a building project it is vitally important that you have confidence in your chosen Company. This comes from in-depth conversations and the way in which they approach your particular project. We use every opportunity to build our client’s trust and will take the time to discuss all aspects of the job until our clients are satisfied they have selected the best Company for their building work.

New Year New Home

By On January 18, 2017 No Comments

It is likely that in the last few weeks that you have heard the term ‘New Year’ followed by many resolutions. Why not.. New Year New Home?

Building works are going on everywhere at the moment and this pays testament to our ability to withstand challenging recent times. It also shows that we are now getting to a point where people are updating their now to match their changing requirements.

House Remodelling CheshireIt may be that you are looking for an extension or a redesign for your home. Whether traditional or modern there are so many options available to update both the exterior of your home and the interior design.

It may be that you are struggling with your vision of what the end product would look like. We can help! You will likely have considered how you want the space to flow or what the end design should look like but you are unsure of how to get there.

  • What walls are structural?
  • Could you open up two rooms to create a large living space and kitchen?
  • What is the process for applying for an extension?
  • Are there ways of adding to the space we have in a cost-effective way?

All of these are questions that we are asked regularly. It is our job to support you through the process of extending or remodelling your home. We offer a turn-key solution which means that from the point of enquiry to completion and beyond that you are offered advice and support.

You are not faced with the challenge of coordinating all tradesmen. You will have one point of enquiry and we will ensure to offer open and effective communication in relation to your building works.

If you have any questions, whatever stage of the process that you are at please feel free to contact us. We will offer valuable information and supportive advice. Call today on 01606 40565.

Tips for Planning an Extension Cheshire

By On September 26, 2016 No Comments

Through our line of work we have come across a range of clientele that require different levels of support throughout the building process. Some may appear to be less interested in the planning stages of building, some need to know every detail and some are in the middle.

The thing that we have come to realise is that there is no specific way in which you should be when approaching an extension. The fact is that you need to be as informed as you feel you need to be. That is why our service is tailored to our individual clients.

We have been in business a long time and have always used the ethos that we want to improve the standards of the building trade. Gone should be the days where individuals feel daunted about employing the best, local builder.

Unfortunately this is not the case; however, our clients are made to feel as though their views, concerns and thoughts are listened to and considered throughout the process. We are expert builders and we also have a focus on customer care.

We take care of our clients and their homes. It is our aim to ensure the smooth-running of the process and to achieve as little disruption as possible. Planning an extension obviously means a certain level of chaos, however, we always take great pride in reducing this where possible so that the building process can happen in a positive way.

We have put together the above video to offer advice and tips when planning a home extension. We hope that it provides an insight into the considerations that you may need. Our friendly staff are always available to discuss your options; call today on 01606 40565 to find out more information.

We will always be on hand to answer questions and will make sure that you are kept informed leading up to the building process, throughout the scheduled works and beyond completion.

Cheshire Builder – How We Work

By On May 24, 2016 No Comments

For any tradesperson it is pivotal to the overall success of your business to earn a great reputation built on trust, reliability, skilled workmanship and competitive pricing.

We have always put our clients first; thinking of decisions from our clients point-of-view means that we are likely to make better decisions that will result in content clients.

It is too often seen that building works are rushed or of a poor quality due to cutting corners and speed. This is not how to produce work that is aesthetically right or long-lasting. And inevitably as a builder; if you don’t do the job right the first time, you will need to do it again. The lesson is simple: do it right the first time.

Cheshire BuilderThis philosophy needs to be applied to each and every stage of the build, however large or small the element.

Another important part of who we are as builders is to always have a flexible approach. Our client’s designs and preferences are all individual and it is important that things (that can be) are approached in a non-rigid way. Too many times are we told about builders who want to complete things their way and cannot interpret requirements to achieve the best possible result.

A customer receiving great care throughout the process ensures that the build runs smoothly and without delay. There are inevitable factors that can delay parts of the process but open communication always allows both parties the opportunity to discuss these and adapt plans around such delays.

Building services are complex, however, this is what we do and we are passionate about delivering exceptional standards in building work.

If you would like to enquire about an extension or a house renovation project please call us today on 01606 40565. We will talk you through the building process and are always happy to answer any questions.

House Extensions – The Guide to Dealing with Your Project Schedule

By On November 22, 2015 No Comments

Project Schedule Advice Cheshire

Cheshire Building Myths

By On August 16, 2015 No Comments

We use every opportunity to offer valuable detail to potential clients. The building trade is one of the most prevalent fields where there are a number of myths that are thought to be true. It is important that our clients are well-informed and best-placed to make educated decisions.

Here are a couple of building myths;

Myth One: You Should Follow Latest Trends

It is important that when thinking about a redesign that you take a few things into consideration: these include, requirements, design and forward thinking.

Home Design CheshireIt is imperative that your home improvement project matches the individual requirements of your family. It is an obvious statement but each family is different and so their daily living requirements will differ from home to home.

Design should always be considered with forward thinking as it depends heavily on whether you are looking to put the house up for sale or rent anytime in the future. Personal tastes are brilliant to see, however, should a redesign project be necessary it is important that your design ideas are tailored to meet these variations.

As the word states; trends will come in and out of fashion and it is best to implement a design that is long-lasting and multi-functional.

Myth Two: Any Remodel Project Is a Good One

Home Improvement CheshireThis is an incorrect statement due to the fact that a successful project demands a range of skillsets in order to produce the best finish. A less superior finish or problematic process can offer an unsatisfactory project.

There is a huge amount of detail and knowledge required and this, alongside the skilled workmanship required, are the only ways of ensuring the smooth running of the process.

The most important elements of any home improvement work is that it adds value to your home and that the project meets your needs for additional living space.

If you would like to find out more or to request a quotation please call today on 01606 40565.

Home Improvement Services Cheshire

By On May 5, 2015 No Comments

There are a number of factors when considering a building project for your property. These may fall in into two categories of home extensions and house refurbishments. Either decision will accompany a substantial financial outlay.

This is where we work conscientiously to offer assurance to our valued clients of our exceedingly high standards. How can these be measured?Home Improvement Northwich

  • In our ability to achieve high-class finishes
  • To complete our building works in a timely manner
  • In our genuine, friendly and professional approach
  • Our approach to transparent pricing and budget-setting

Our wealth of trade experience is showcased throughout our building services blog and we are able to offer references for work that we have previously carried out. This ties together proof of our superior finishes.

Once the home improvement work has been accepted we work to offer dates for when the work can be completed; we offer an open approach to this aspect of our work. We keep in regular contact if work is booked further in the future due to demand for our services.

Exension NorthwichIt is important when considering your project that you maximise space that you are transforming. It is often the case that our time-served advice and understanding of any possible limitations can offer assistance during this process.

Huge creativity can be employed to ensure flexible options with additional storage and remodelling. It is sometimes incredibly difficult for individuals to envisage a space in different ways. It needs to be functional and provide solutions to the individual requirements of any project.

If you would like to enquire about a possible extension or remodelling project please feel free to contact our friendly and helpful staff on 07894215123.

Our Guide to Project Schedules for House Extensions

By On March 12, 2015 No Comments

We recently published an article that offered advice and information about how best to deal with project schedules for home extensions.

As no two extensions are ever the same, it is an opportunity for us to employ the use of experience and knowledge to tailor the process to achieve the best possible result.

There is, however, a basis that forms the starting point for each project. Once the extension has gone through the planning stage, the project start date will be set.

The first step is for the footings to be dug. The size of the job will dictate whether a digger is required or not.

The second part of the process is to build up the damp-proof course, the installation of the drains, the installation of the damp-proof course and to pour the concrete slab. This allows clients the opportunity to first imagine what their new space will look like.

External walls are then built up using a combination of blocks and brickwork. Quality wall insulation is fitted throughout the external walls and this ensures optimum heat retention. Wall ties fix the newly built walls to the existing structure.

All internal walls are built, which splits the new space as required. The roof is then built; there are different types of roofs and we will make sure to offer valued advice in the careful selection of the best option. This will take into account a number of factors and budget constraints.

We can then break through to the original property; windows and doors are fitted and the structure is water tight. First fix electrics, plumbing, plastering, further electrics, additional plumbing and decoration is then completed.

During the process our clients often comment on the demanding intensity of the process that they would feel without our support. We work to support the decision-making process, planning enquiries, building regulation interaction, formalities and design ideas. This is an area of work that we take great pride in.

If you would like to discuss your home improvement options further we invite you to call us on 01606 40565.