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Be Creative with Your Design

By On November 27, 2017 No Comments

If you are considering remodelling your home or simply adding an extension to your property, it is always important to be creative. Some of our clients struggle with their vision and it is therefore really important that time is invested into the design. We are therefore able to help with some key ideas that will really make the most of your additional space.

Creative design for your home will likely ensure that your new space can be used to the best of its ability. Can you squeeze more storage into the space? Could it be re-designed to make sure that you can fit everything into it?

Home Remodelling CheshireSometimes a vision can cloud your judgement. When considering your extension design make sure that you are open minded. Being closed to new ideas and advice may mean that your end design does not provide you with the space that you need. After heavily investing in the project, it is important that you are absolutely ecstatic with every element of the job.

What does being creative mean?

We are not all necessarily blessed with the largest of spaces. Therefore, it is important that elements such as storage and seating are carefully considered. Could you fit storage under stairs? Does your new space have a bay window that could be used for additional seating or storage? Some of the most brilliant designs go through a process of reconsideration and re-design.

Flexibility is a hugely positive element of this process. It is amazing how a space, even a simple square, can be designed to offer a quirky and characteristic environment, once finished.

Have you been considering an extension or remodelling for your home? Would you like to discuss your ideas and get an idea of project costs? Call us today on 01606 40565; we will work hard to support you through all aspects of your building project.

Adding Value to Your Home

By On December 12, 2016 No Comments

Building contractors get the opportunity to identify trends within the housing market. There was once the thought that you could buy a house, wait for its value to increase and sell it. This would then allow you to move up to the next price bracket. Unfortunately for today’s buyers, this concept is no longer applicable.

Luckily for home owners there are other ways in which you can look to add value to your home. This demands a more active role but a determined approach will ensure that you achieve extra value. More and more people are looking for homes that are completed and satisfy their family’s growing requirements. So how is this managed?

Adding Value to your home Cheshire Consider a loft conversion

This may be seen as one of the simplest ways of adding value onto your home. It is a straightforward way of achieving an additional bedroom and / or bathroom. There will not be a lot of disruption during the process. The key is to ensure that access to the new space is easy.

Build an extension

This building method is extremely popular, however, the critical element is to ensure that the added space fits seamlessly to your existing structure. There are many ways in which this idea can be tailored to suit your budget so it well-worth consideration.

Turn your garage into additional living space

Extending your home CheshireIt is likely that any garage is filled with not-needed and unnecessary items. Take the time to clear it out and seriously consider turning this space into an area that can be lived in.

Look to create space

People are now looking for open family spaces. It may be that you need to consider taking down some walls in order to complete this. However, once done will likely leave you with an incredibly modern and multi-functional space.

If you are considering building an extension or want to discuss other ways of adding value to your home please feel free to call our helpful staff on 01606 40565.

Internal Refurbishment Frodsham, Cheshire

By On October 20, 2014 No Comments

For the home extension that we completed in Frodsham, we wanted to showcase the high standards we achieve in the completion of interior refurbishment projects that we complete.

Internal Refurbishment CheshireThe pictures show the attention to detail that we deliver for each and every client in our approach to every aspect, however large or small.

This has proven to be a winning formula to us as we approach each job with the care and attention that it requires and the respect to offer the best-available and best-achievable finish.

Home improvement is a large undertaking and it is our wish to offer information and advice which seeks to provide assurance and confidence that we will do all that we can to ensure the smooth running of the entire project from start to finish.

The oak flooring on this project provided a classic and stylish finish and this coupled with the professional redecoration work offered a real statement of quality and refinement. Whether underfloor heating is fitted or not, an oak floor provides a functional and aesthetically pleasing floor covering.Interior refurbishment Cheshire

The technologies behind insulation options now provide individuals with a space that not only offers more room, but that it is an energy efficient and useable area. It is often the case that an extension is better insulated than the original property.

We offer an innovative approach to redesign ideas and this comes from the experience that we have gained in a variety of projects.

We work to tailor the design to your individual requirements and this means that the end result will work best for you and your family. If you would like to discuss this further please call Simon Hindley Building Contractors on 07894 215123.

Extension Ideas Frodsham, Cheshire

By On September 15, 2014 1 Comment

We were privileged to be offered the opportunity of extending this stunning home in Frodsham, Cheshire. The home-owners wanted a double storey extension to the rear of their property.

Builders Frodsham House Extension Frodsham







Prior to starting the house extension we discussed all elements of the job in fine detail. We worked closely with our clients to make sure that every question was answered and that they were confident that they had hired to best-available builders to complete the work.

House Extensions Frodsham Building Services Frodsham

There are many factors that need to be taken into account when contemplating a home improvement project. Once the project is complete, it is soon realised that the small detail is as important as the large decisions.

These are the elements that make the difference and leave you living in a functional, stylish extension that looks as though it fits seamlessly into your original home.

Firstly, we started to demolish the original extension in the conservation area. We then needed to erect steel work to carry out the first floor extension. The images show this part of the process and the specialist techniques employed.

Extension Ideas Frodsham Building Contractor Frodsham







The images tell the story of the project from start to finish; our attention to detail is paramount. We have built up a great reputation in Cheshire and beyond and as well as bringing time-served experience we aim to make sure that we manage the project from start to finish, offering a turn-key solution.

Home Extensions CheshireHome Improvement







The images of the completed work showcases the final results; details such as matching the windows, the roof slates, bricks and style of the building can be over-looked. However, this emphasises the success of the build in that the extension looks in keeping with the original building.

Builder FrodshamWe are incredibly proud to present our latest completed home extension and would invite you to make contact if you would like to discuss extension ideas or the options available to you.

We make sure to offer an open approach throughout our services from point of introduction to completion and beyond. Please call on 01606 40565 for more details or to arrange a free, no obligation quotation.